Returnal Dev Advises Players To Redownload Game If They Updated To Latest Patch

Last night (or earlier today), developer Housemarque released patch 1.3.3 for Returnal but players then reported getting errors that pretty much broke the game. Because of that, they have pulled patch 1.3.3 and have since reverted the game to patch 1.3.1.

They have confirmed that a new patch is coming in “a few hours”, but in the meantime, Housemarque is advising players NOT to even start the game before the new patch is out. For those who have already updated to patch 1.3.3, the developer is advising them to re-download the game.

Some players are reporting errors even after redownloading the game, so it’s better to follow the developer’s advice and to NOT even start the game until a new patch is out.

In the meantime, you can check out my review of Returnal here, or head on over here for a guide to surviving the game.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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