New Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Teases More Eleven

It’s been a long time since we last officially heard anything new about Stranger Things, ever since that revelation in early 2020 that a certain character was still alive. Now Netflix has released a brand new Stranger Things Season 4 teaser trailer that focuses on Eleven.

The teaser is mysterious, but it takes us back to the Hawkins National Laboratory, from which Eleven originally escaped in Stranger Things Season 1. Inside the lab, we can see several children, all in hospital gowns and with shaved heads just like Eleven when we first met her years ago, in a rainbow-decorated room. Dr. Martin Brenner walks into the room and says that he has “something very special planned” for the children inside.

The camera then finally pans to a door simply marked “11” and we can hear someone (presumably Eleven) breathing heavily. This might all be a flashback, indicating that we’ll be learning more about Eleven’s past and origin story. It could also be a sign that Dr. Brenner might still be alive and is using more special kids for a nefarious plan.

What’s interesting is that the  YouTube trailer’s description simply reads “002/004”. This means that we’re getting at least two more teaser trailers for Stranger Things Season 4, considering that the very first teaser trailer that was released back in February 2020 featured “001/004”.

According to Netflix, Stranger Things Season 4 is still in production, and there is no official release date/window yet. In the meantime, you can check out my spoiler-filled discussion and theories on what’s coming in Stranger Things Season 4, which I wrote way back in 2019.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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