Epic Offered Sony US$200 Million For PlayStation Exclusives

The Epic vs. Apple trial seems to be delivering more and more crazy news as time goes by, especially when it comes to what the former wanted for its Epic Games Store. These include Epic promising US$1 billion in advances for exclusives.

We now know that Epic offered Sony a US$200 million advance to get first-party PlayStation games on the Epic Games Store exclusively, according to recent trial exhibits. Epic offered Sony “US$200 million minimum guarantee for 4-6 titles” and was awaiting Sony’s response. As far as we know, only two Sony-published titles have released exclusively on the Epic Store: ReadySet Heroes and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

It’s not known whether these two games are for another separate deal, or that they’re part of the US$200 million batch. In any case, Sony is at least guaranteed US$200 million whether those exclusive games made their money back on the Epic Games Store or not, as part of the minimum guarantee.

The document also pointed out two other deals that didn’t go through (image via Resetera):

  • One was with Microsoft. The documents state that Xbox Game Pass PC head didn’t like what Epic was up to with its store, thus viewed Epic as a company it was competing with to sign games. Also, Xbox chief Phil Spencer and Valve boss Gabe Newell were having meetings all the time.
  • The other, technically, was Nintendo. Epic didn’t really start anything, but it was planning too. It stated that this is a “moonshot” unto itself, with corporate history stating that this is a “non-starter”.

Imagine if the PlayStation deal was greenlit: it would have been a different era for PlayStation gaming and PC gaming as a whole. One can dream, eh?

Author: Mr Toffee

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