Mobile Legends MPL Malaysia Celebrates Hari Raya With Videos & More

With Hari Raya Aidilfitri right around the corner, MPL Malaysia has brought together a series of initiatives to unite players, their families, and fans #CloserTogether this festive season. The league embodies deeply the values of Hari Raya, which is sharing harmonious moments with families and celebrating them with loved ones. 

While the ongoing pandemic has made it difficult for families to celebrate together, the community has demonstrated clear resilience throughout the Raya festivities. MPL Malaysia has created virtual festive opportunities to creatively bring players, their fans, and families #CloserTogether. 

Connecting players one step further with their families

Featuring a young player of TODAK and his overprotective father, the lighthearted video showcases the importance of family unity and reconciliation. Driven by his desire to pursue esports, “Aziq” acts as a troubled player who struggles to communicate with his father, who doesn’t understand the nature of the esports industry.

The duo both end up facing a comedic out-of-body experience that leads to them better comprehending each other’s views. The story’s ending depends on the community, which will be determined by Facebook community polls. 

Share Hari Raya wishes to your favourite teams 

MPL Malaysia will also be running a Hari Raya social media and website campaign with the participating teams1. Fans can acquire Green Packets from their favourite teams by completing a set of missions that you can find by heading over here. The campaign will go live from 10 to 14 May 2021 and participants will be able to receive exclusive in-game skins that will be sent directly to their inboxes. 

MPL Malaysia fans can also send Raya well wishes by sharing their favourite team Facebook page on their news feed and tagging them on the post. Hundreds of lucky fans will stand a chance to win MPL Green Packets from their favourite team, which will be mailed to them directly. 

For more details, you can visit and follow for updates. 

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