Xbox Series’ Quick Resume Will Finally Show You Which Games Are Suspended

May’s Xbox Series update will introduce a much-requested addition to the Quick Resume feature, which allows you to continue from where you left off (one game or more) even after shutting off or suspending power to the console.

That addition is the ability to see what games you currently have suspended on your Xbox Series X or S. Being able to quickly jump in and out of different games is a noteworthy feature for the Xbox console, so having this new addition helps a lot. Previously, it wasn’t clear how many games you could juggle at once and the issue of unintentionally wiping out unsaved progress without knowing which games were taken out of the Quick Resume queue was prevalent.

Thankfully the May update will solve all that. You can organize games in your library with a tag that indicates Quick Resume support, as well as create a group that lists all games that are saved using Quick Resume (and pin it on your console’s dashboard). In addition, Quick Resume will act faster, so anything that shaves off the already-impressive seven seconds to switch between mid-game sessions is a plus in my book.

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Author: Mr Toffee

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