Here’s What You Need To Know About Final Fantasy XIV’s Latest Expansion


Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoshi Yoshida launched a keynote presentation during the game’s weekend-long fan event to reveal details on FFXIV’s latest expansion, Endwalker. And yes, he’s dressed up for the occasion.

Here’s a recap of all the new information from this morning’s presentation.


It Starts Off With An Epic Trailer

The keynote started with a 6-minute trailer showing the upcoming Endwalker expansion’s main players and characters in the story.

The Game’s New Class Is The Reaper

Accompanying the Gundam-inspired Sage class is the new Reaper class. A wholly original class exclusive to FFXIV, the Reaper is a melee DPS class that fights with a scythe, starts at level 70, and can summon a ghost buddy from the void to help him/her out during battle. In addition, Reapers can serve as hosts for void Avatars, making them capable of doing big damage and being tanky as heck.

New Raid

FFXIV’s DLC and its updates leading to the base game will introduce an Alliance Raid titled Myths of the Realm. The raid’s narrative will be based on the game’s established Pantheon.

Male Vieras

After much fan requests, FFXIV’s developers and art team are finally putting in male versions of the Viera race. Previously, they were restricted to being a female-only race (like in FF Tactics Advance and FFXII).

New Oceanic Server

Due to popular demand and a need to expand, Square Enix will be opening a new FFXIV data center for Oceanic players. That’s going to solve the lag issue that many players in Southeast Asia & Australia have been experiencing since forever. Keep in mind that all of them are using Japanese, European, and North American servers for their FFXIV-playing.

FFXIV Endwalker’s Release Date

The penultimate expansion to FFXIV’s storyline will be out on 23rd November. The game’s expected Collector’s Edition comes with a sweet collector’s box with Yoshitaka Amano art, a Warrior of Light figure, a special pin, a stuffed Loporrits toy, a slew of tiny posters, and in-game items like a Wind-Up Promo Minion, an Arion mount, and a death scythe.

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