This New Genshin Impact Eula Trailer Is Making Players Regret Rolling For The Last Banner

Hope you didn’t blow all your Primogems on Zhongli and his current banner. Mihoyo just released a new Genshin Impact trailer showcasing its latest 5-star character: the Cryo claymore-wielding swordswoman Eula.

She’s cold, calm, has a rebellious streak, and is a pretty good dancer. Her giant sword skills allow her to gain Grimheart stack buffs that increase her resistance to interruption and her defenses. She can also consume all Grimheart stacks for a massive attack with heavy Cryo properties. Her Elemental Burst lets her summon a Lightfall Sword that gives her useful passives while active.

Her character banner called Born of Ocean Swell, will be up on 18th May 6pm GMT+8 and will end on 8th June 3pm GMT+8. Other characters in the Genshin Impact banner include Xinyan, Beidou, and Xingqiu.

Author: Mr Toffee

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