New Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Screenshots Talks About Minigame & New Bosses

Square Enix just released a bunch of new screenshots and details for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Let’s start with combat.

The game’s combat relies on teamwork moves called synergized attacks. Yuffie’s partner Sonon can’t be controlled, but you can give him orders. He will also coordinate special attacks with Yuffie during fights. Pressing L2 when both character’s ATB is full will engage synergy buffs, which allow for team-up attacks. These moves stagger enemies, and we all know how important the stagger mechanic is in FFVII Remake, right?

Square Enix also revealed more details on the Fort Condor strategy minigame. Inspired by one of Shinra’s military campaigns, it’s a game of strategy in which two players deploy units to conquer their opponent’s base and defend their own.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, you select the board, which determines the number of ATB charges and materia available to you. You can also set the units you wish to deploy.
  • You use ATB charges to deploy a unit. Once deployed, it will march toward your opponent’s base and automatically engage any enemy units it encounters.
  • A unit is assigned one of three roles: vanguard, ranged, or defense. These determine which enemies it will be effective against.
  • Materia can be used to cast powerful spells. Timing matters as each orb can only be used once per match, so it’s up to you to decide when is best to use it.

So yeah, it’s way more fleshed out than the FFVII original.

Thanks to Square Enix, we now know the name of the bandaged psycho in the trailer. His name is Nero, and he’s the younger brother of FF edgelord Weiss the Immaculate. He’s an elite within Shinra’s secret military group Deepground.

The mecha Shinra’s Director of Advanced Weaponry Scarlet is using is called Crimson Mare. Good to know that it supports her pair of ballistics.

Last but not least is the new Summon, Ramuh. According to co-director Naoki Hamaguchi, this lightning-based summon couldn’t make it in the final game so his team is remedying that in this update. Ramuh can summon a lance of lightning that deals damage to nearby enemies using Voltaic Lance. He also has the screen-clearing Judgment Bolt.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake item pack DLC will also be out with this release. It contains:

  • Summon Materia: Carbuncle
  • Summon Materia: Chocobo
  • Summon Materia: Cactuar
  • Armor: Midgar Bangle
  • Armor: Shinra Bangle
  • Armor: Corneo’s Armlet
  • Accessory: Superstar Belt
  • Accessory: Mako Crystal

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be out for PlayStation 5 on 10th June.

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