Borderlands 3 Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine Location: 20th May

We kind of lost track of the number of weeks since this feature is added, but we nonetheless know where to find this week’s Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine in Borderlands 3.

The latest location of Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine is at Skywell-27 (the Promethea stage where you fought Katagawa Ball). The actual location is at the early part of the stage; it’s where you activated Reese’s Viper Drive for the first time in the story.

The Legendary guns you will get to buy this week are:

  • Stimulating Gratifying Laser-Sploder Assault Rifle (and other variants)
  • Gatlin Breakneck Mutant Assault Rifle (and other variants)
  • Burning Flakker Shotgun (and other variants)

Suffice to say, the Flakker is the best one among the lot to get. Do not buy the Mutant; it’s one of the worst weapons in the game.

Feature image credit: Moxsy

Author: Mr Toffee

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