Days Gone Features Privacy-Breaching Data Collection Policy

Days Gone is out now for PC (via Steam), but is now facing flak apart from its drawn-out pacing. 

According to Steam user Higgsterman (via IGN), Sony’s latest first-party game on PC has data collection policies that track every keystroke a player makes on their computer while the game is running.

“The Data Collection policy is an absolute joke. This isn’t just collecting Diagnostic information from your PC (something I would be absolutely okay with), it states very blatantly that even the ‘Limited’ data collection which is somehow still the LESS invasive form of collection can look and save literally anything from websites, passwords via recording EVERY KEY STROKE OF YOUR COMPUTER WHILE THE GAME IS RUNNING, folders, and all of their contents regardless of file type.”

The Days Gone data collection policy also includes details on folders and all of its contents regardless of file type. Reddit users have pointed out that there is no way to properly opt-out of any sort of data collection. One method to get out of this is to block the game using a firewall so that the data can’t be transferred to a server.

Keep in mind that Days Gone is a single-player action-adventure game; there are no multiplayer components in the title. So it’s rather odd that Sony Bend went out of its way to state that the data collection policies are to “prevent the use of cheats and hacks”.

If that doesn’t bother you, or if you trust your firewall a lot, you can go get Days Gone right now for PC. We’ll have a PC write-up on the game this week.

Author: Mr Toffee

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