[Rumour] Team Ninja Working On PS5 Exclusive Final Fantasy Game

Team Ninja is not making a Nioh 3 for the PS5 or Xbox Series, it seems. Instead, it’s working with Square Enix on an exclusive Final Fantasy title.

According to a Resetera rumour post by leaker Navtra, Square Enix will be announcing an exclusive PS5 Final Fantasy game this June during E3 2021 week. The game is “Souls-inspired, but not exactly what you would imagine when you hear ‘Souls-like FF'”. The game will have ties to Final Fantasy 1 on the NES/Famicom and will bear the name Final Fantasy Origin (via Fanbyte).

In fact, French leaker Souls Hunt said the Final Fantasy game is similar to Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which itself is inspired by the Dark Souls series due to its level structure, combat, and, ehem, respawn mechanic. Lots of people have speculated that the core team behind Nioh will be developing the game.

As for the game’s PS5 exclusivity? It’ll be a timed thing, so it may be out for PC and other platforms a year after being on the console. While this news is exciting, take it with a grain of salt until Square Enix and Team Ninja makes it official.

On a related note, the next Final Fantasy game for PS5 is Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, an updated version of the PS4 exclusive with new content. It’ll be out on 10th June worldwide.

Author: Mr Toffee

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