Civilization 6 Mod Adds Genshin Impact’s Iconic City As A Playable Civilization

Need a bit of F2P MMORPGing in your 4X game? Well, this mod can sort you out.

A modder by the name of Kevin Liu has created a Civilization 6 mod called Genshin Impact – Mondstadt, which adds in the option of building your own iconic European-style kingdom filled with anime tropes. With this mod, you get three characters as Civ 6 leaders: Fischl, Barbara, and Noelle.

The civilization has its own unique district called the Knights of Favonius Headquarters; it replaces the game’s Government Plaza. Its bonuses include outer defense and bonus amenities during peacetime. The mod also gives Mondstadt its own unique unit like in other civilizations: the Outrider Knight. This unit replaces the skirmisher/scout from the Civ 6 DLC Rise and Fall. The Outrider Knight can get Wind Gliders, which gives them +1 movement when they begin a turn on the hill.

The best part about the mod? Barbarians here will appear as the game’s Hilichurls. The mod even adds in a Statue of the Seven tile, which gives your units healing if they land on it.

While the mod is free, you will need the Civ 6 DLC Rise and Fall to use the mod. You can get it here.

Author: Mr Toffee

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