PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 19 Comes With Traverse-Themed Cosmetics

PUBG Mobile officially launched the Royale Pass (RP) Season 19 under the “Traverse” theme and as part of the version 1.4 update that brought new gameplay, mechanism and vehicle. PUBG MOBILE players and the community can experience the latest content including exclusive outfits, weapon skins, emotes, ornaments, and many more which differ from the previous season.

The ranks of all players have been reset according to their final rank at the end of season 18, and players can unlock various in-game rewards, all of which are playable and available for free via the App Store and Google Play Store.

Royale Pass Season 19 content update has 100 ranks with exciting rewards in each rank. The rank will be unlocked if players are able to complete various missions and weekly challenges given or alternatively purchase ranks to climb up faster with 100UC per rank.

Players can use the Wheel of Fate feature to choose an outfit, between General Beetle or Queen Beetle outfit, when they reach the rank of 100 RP.

The items will be even more attractive from rank to rank, especially after touching the 100 RP rank, players can get a skin collection outfit and weapons, starting from Garden Observer set, Trendy Kitty set, Queen Beetle – Mini 14, and Wonderland – AKM.

The reward items that can be obtained during the Royale Pass (RP) mission is as follow:

Royale Pass Item Royale Pass Item
RP 1 Garden Observer Suit RP 50 Trendy Kitty Set
RP 5 Garden Observer mask RP 60 Bug Exterminator Grenade
RP 10 General beetle Dance RP 70 Crimson Beetle Helm
RP 15 Avatar Royale Pass 19 RP 85 Avatar General Beetle
RP 25 Border Avatar Royale Pass 19 RP 90 Wonderland AKM
RP 30 Gemstone Scarab Backpack RP 100 General Beetle Set or Queen Beetle Set
RP 40 Finish Ancient Vine

Players can also increase their Royale Pass rank, through teamwork with the new RP Team feature. With this feature, players can work together and complete various kinds of missions together. Additionally, there is also a Royale Adventure event to explore each station and collect every supply that can be exchanged for a Wonderland motorcycle skin.

Apart from the beginning of season 19, PUBG MOBILE esports will soon start the biggest esports tournament in Southeast Asia, PUBG MOBILE Pro League Southeast Asia (PMPL SEA) Season 3, happening from 21 May and runs through till 23 May 2021.

This match will showcase the best PUBG Mobile teams in the Southeast Asia region who will fight to be the champion. This event is not only anticipated by fans but also by world celebrities including Rich Brian, the artist who serves “SYDNEY” as the official song of PMPL, you can also check the special message here.

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