Monster Hunter Stories 2 Gets Fourth Trailer & New Monstie Enhancement Features

Capcom has unveiled more gameplay footage of its upcoming Monster Hunter spinoff titled Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

The new trailer showcases the game’s plot macguffin: rage lights that shine out of craters and make the Monsties in the game go berserk. There’s also story bits that connects the main protagonist with Razewing Ratha, the titular Monstie you control who may destroy the world and lead it to chaos. You know, JRPG anime stuff. We also get a peek at the main character’s Battle Buddy Avinia and her Monstie Frostfang.

The Monster Hunter Stories 2 showcase also talks about Monstie eggs, Monster Dens, and the Rite of Channeling. Here’s a video that talks about it in great detail. Basically, you can customize your Monstie powers for better elemental effects by mixing its unique genes with one another.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be out for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on 9th July.

Author: Mr Toffee

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