Creative Assembly Closes Chapter On Total War Three Kingdoms

This is it, Total War Three Kingdoms fans. Creative Assembly has announced that the 2019 game will no longer receive DLC or future updates after the latest Fates Divided DLC and recently-released 1.7.1 patch (check out the patch notes here). They revealed this news via a new YouTube video.

Interestingly, underneath that same video, Creative Assembly mentions in a single vague line that they’re working on a new game based on a Romance Of The Three Kingdoms novel. However, it won’t be connected to Total War Three Kingdoms and that’s literally all we know about it. Perhaps it’ll be like 2016’s Total War Attila, which is pretty much just an expanded and improved version of 2013’s Total War Rome 2.

Creative Assembly’s next major game will be Total War Warhammer 3, which is slated to arrive sometime later in 2021. Veteran fans of the franchise have long lamented and complained that the developer has forgotten their historical roots, and have focused too much on the Warhammer IP in the past several years.

Maybe we’ll finally get a new historical Total War game in the near future. Medieval 3 or Shogun 3, anyone? That’s the dream right there.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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