Watch Dogs Legion Gets Zombie-Filled Standalone DLC

Ubisoft action-adventure hacking-savvy game Watch Dogs: Legion is getting a zombie mode, and it’s available for PC right now in alpha phase.

Subtitled Watch Dogs: Legions of the Dead, the online PvE mode offers a rogue-lite experience where players survive against the horde of undead in the re-imagined fallen city of London. You can play the mode in solo mode or up to four friends in co-op, fending off zombies, Albion soldiers, and Clan Kelley enforcers.

You need to gather supplies to ensure your group’s survival, meaning you and your co-op pals need to perform a supply run with a random Survivor and Gadget in roguelike fashion. You need to scout the map for supplies, power-ups, and plan a route to avoid the horde. You can also use unsavoury tactics like luring zombies to an Albion guard post, or just lure enforcers away from their guarding spots so that your teammates can pillage their resources.

PC players can play the standalone PvE mode by going on over to Ubisoft Connect (under the Free Games tab). The Watch Dogs: Legion DLC will eventually be out for consoles later when it’s in the beta phase. Check out the gameplay below (via IGN):

Author: Mr Toffee

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