Online Dodgeball Game Knockout City Has 5 Million Players Since Its Debut

It’s been a while since we’ve had a dodgeball brawl kinda sports game since, well, Super Dodge Ball for the SNES. But it’s 2021; we now have one in the form of Knockout City, and it’s really popular right now.

How big is it now? Well, the game now has 5 million players, just days after EA rolls out a plan to make the game free to play for the first few levels; up to Rank 25 to be exact. The company broke its milestone for the game according to its recent blog post championing the game. It hit 5 million players 2 weeks after release. The game also has half a billion knockouts in scores as well as being streamed for “millions” of hours.

With crossplay at launch and a 10-day free trial, EA seems to be riding on Knockout City to be a mass-market success.

Author: Mr Toffee

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