Philippines’ Execration Wins MSC 2021

The dust has settled in Southeast Asia’s biggest Mobile Legends tournament of 2021.

In a battle between countrymen, The Philippines’ Execration has defeated Blacklist International 4-1 in the MSC 2021 Grand Finals. Execration first put EVOS Legends in third place with a 3-1 win in its favour, then managed to defend themselves against Blacklist’s domination in the entire tournament.

The MSC 2021’s MVP is Execration’s Kelra.

Execration didn’t expect to go very far, according to the post-match interview. The team also thank their fans for the support and giving them the drive to keep playing the way they did. The team’s next target is to “take a vacation and drink some water”. Oh, those scamps!

The MSC 2021 top 8 teams are as follows:

  1. Execration
  2. Blacklist International
  3. EVOS Legends
  4. Resurgence MY
  5. Bigetron Alpha
  6. Impunity
  7. Todak
  8. EVOS SG

Author: Mr Toffee

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