Genshin Impact Golden Apple Archipelago Conch Shell Locations

If you want to score one of Genshin Impact’s exclusive Barbara skin for free, you’ll need to find the game’s conch shells located all across the new Golden Apple Archipelago.

Sure, every conch shell you find tells a story about the archipelago, but you’re doing this because you want to outfit your cute deacon healer with a new swimsuit. Let’s be honest.

If you want to speed up your search, check out our guide on how to find each of them. We’ll divvy them up according to each island area in the game.

Twinning Isle

  • Conch 1: Five Mountains Hide the Little Village. East small island. Glide down to the beach on the south, it’s lying on a rock.
  • Conch 2: Two Paths Through the Lonely Forest. First small island from the centre main island. You can glide to the top of the smaller isle from the Twinning Isle’s Teleport Waypoint. It’s on the southside of the peak.
  • Conch 3: One River Flowing Down the Middle. On top of the southern peak of the main Twinning Isle.
  • Conch 4: Four Winds Bring the Sound of Joy. North island from the main Twinning Isle, east. Start from the Teleport Waypoint, then walk to the east. Glide down to the lower cliff to find the Echoing Conch next to the tree.
  • Conch 5: The Clan of Song, Scattered. North island from the main Twinning Isle, west. Go to the high peak in the west, then glide down towards the south. The Conch is on a slightly lower cliff’s edge.

In-between Twinning Isle, Broken Isle, and Pudding Isle (via Gamesradar)

  • Conch 1: The Trapped. Just before the island’s highest point, lying on a flat rock.
  • Conch 2: Where Duty Lies. On top of the peak, next to the old ship (southside).

Northwest Of Twinning Isle

  • Conch 1: Sudden Attack. Go to the island group west of the Twinning Isle and north of the Broken Isle (southeast from this picture). The first Conch is on the beach, beneath the stone ruin.
  • Conch 2: A Father’s Thoughts. Northwest island on the top map picture. On a cliff on the southeast side. Lower than the peak, and just a little higher than the nearby wooden suspension bridge (if you turn your back to the suspension bridge, the Conch is on top of the ladder to your right).
  • Conch 3: Mysterious Savior. Also on northwest island. Go to the wooden platform on top of the mountain. It’s on your left hand (open cage).

Pudding Isle

  • Conch 1: The General. It’s on top of the western Pudding Isle peak (southeast on this pic).
  • Conch 2: Stoic Bloom. Northwest on the island, just before the old pillar.
  • Conch 3: Homeland. Walk to the stone ruins southwest of the northwest island. Find the Conch in the sand on your right.

Miscellaneous #1

  • Conch 1: Professional Attempt. On top of the tiny rock island.
  • Conch 2: Fog and Exit. Go through the opening in the middle, you can break the wall on the east side. The Conch is behind it.
  • Conch 3: Moon and Wind. Glide down towards the south. You’ll see a cave entrance you can land in (similar to the other rock openings in Chapter V). Hit the loose stones to reveal a hidden area and find the Conch.
  • Conch 4: Stone and Phantom. It’s inside the rock again.
  • Conch 5: Sail and Escape. It’s on top of the rock, on the small grassy patch.

  • Conch 1: Wisdom of the Ancients. Will only pop up on the mini-map if you’re on low ground. It’s inside the giant shell (lying half in the water).
  • Conch 2: Incoming Tide. On the south side of the Twinning Isle. The Conch is on a low ridge (you can easily recognize it by the rank growth).
  • Conch 3: Nowhere to Run. On the southeast side of the island, on a small stone ridge.
  • Conch 4: The Outside World. Glide to the smaller island, the Conch is on the beach.
  • Conch 5: The Inverted Ruins. Start from the Minacious Isle Teleport, then walk to the southeast until you see a large gap. You’ll see two Hilichurls on the stone ridge below; the Conch is right next to them.
  • Conch 6: The Price of Experimentation. Just north of the Teleport Waypoint, behind the wooden crates.
  • Conch 7: None Return. Sail to the big isle northeast of the Broken Isle. The Echoing Conch is on the slightly lower cliff north of the peak.
  • Conch 8: Pro-Exit Persuasion. Start from the Pudding Isle Teleport, then glide to the smaller island to the northeast. The Conch is on top.
  • Conch 9: Tidewatch Sentries. Glide down to the west, the Conch is on the broad ridge.
  • Conch 10: High Tide Warning. On top of the island, next to the red mechanism.

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