This Dream-Like Roguelike Is Coming Out Of Early Access This August

We played Dreamscaper during its Early Access phase, and it was pretty sweet and melancholy in its delivery and mix of action RPG roguelike combat. So it’s pretty awesome that the complete version of the game is slated later this year.

Dreamscaper will be escaping its Early Access phase and be a fully-updated 1.0 launch title this 12th August. It’ll be out for PC and Nintendo Switch.

The gist of Dreamscaper is this: you play a girl who just moved to a big city and needs to meet new people. By day, you build relationships with colleagues and acquaintances in your local hangouts. By night, you go to the “Dreamscaper universe” and fight your way through nightmares made real (usually giant bosses at the capstone of a dream area), and explore randomized levels with various equipment and powerups you’ll find in roguelike fashion.

We loved the Early Access build when it came out last year; we hope the complete experience will be beyond surreal.

Author: Mr Toffee

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