EMERGE Esports & Mediacorp Partners To Nurture Singaporean Esports Content Creators

Esports talent management agency EMERGE Esports and Singapore’s national media network, Mediacorp, have announced a partnership to develop budding esports content creators under Mediacorp’s Bloomr.SG network. The strategic partnership aims to develop the knowledge and skills of up-and-coming esports content creators, provide them vital industry exposure and opportunities, and deliver more high quality, value-added esports content to consumers. 

Riding on the rising popularity of video gaming content around the world, the partnership between EMERGE Esports and Mediacorp’s Bloomr.SG underlines the shared commitment to continue engaging audiences with quality content while developing Singapore’s content creator community.  

Specifically, the partnership paves the way for EMERGE Esports talents to receive sponsorship and cross-promotion opportunities, as well as work with local and regional celebrities to produce content. They will also be able to tap on Mediacorp’s resources and facilities to support their production work, benefit from training sessions and workshops, and gain access to monetisation opportunities through premium advertising and rights management support. 

Diogo Martins, Team Lead of Bloomr.SG, said:

“Nurturing content creators has always been our focus at  Bloomr.SG.

With this collaboration, we can dedicate resources to those with an interest in the exciting  arena of esports, supported with the deep expertise and capabilities of EMERGE Esports.

Together, we  look forward to working closely to realise our shared ambition of identifying, fostering and growing the  next generation of content creators in Singapore.”

CEO and Founder of EMERGE Esports, Roy Kek, shared:

“Esports has evolved beyond a hobby or a niche interest to become a recognised industry on a global scale.

We are glad a pioneer like Mediacorp  acknowledges this and is looking to promote esports content.

Together with Bloomr.SG, we look forward to amplifying the growth of esports and to cultivate the next generation of creative content creators in Singapore and in the region.”

Other than supporting Bloomr.SG with industry expertise and connections, EMERGE Esports will also help identify and connect new talents to further boost the collaboration, and bring forward more engaging and exciting stories from the esports arena to the mainstream audience.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

Aspiring writer. Born in Amsterdam, raised in Malaysia. Comics are my passion. A gamer and science fiction enthusiast. PSN: AlleefAshaari

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