New PUBG Map Taego Will Arrive Next Month


PUBG‘s new map is called Taego and it will arrive on PC on 7 July 2021, as well as consoles later on 15 July 2021.

According to developer Krafton, testing for the new map will begin a week before those dates on each platform, on the game’s test server. What’s most interesting is that Taego will be the first map in PUBG that will allow players to respawn after dying in the battle royale game.

According to leaker @PlayerIGN), it looks like PUBG is getting a Gulag mode where dead players will have to fight for the right to re-join the action, similar to a mechanic in Call Of Duty Warzone. The new trailer (see below) for PUBG‘s Taego map showcase the Gulag island, as well as what seems to be a new weapon: the Korean-made K-2 assault rifle.


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