[Rumour] Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Coming To PC, But…

Good news, PC master race folks. The PS4 and PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy VII Remake exclusive will be coming out to PC.

However, Epic Games will be getting it first on its Epic Games Store (via EpicData data tracker & ResetEra). This means fans who want to play the action RPG remake on PC will need to buy it and run it on the Epic Games Store app. So far, there’s no current release date for the port, and whether this will be the Intergrade version with the bonus Yuffie content.

Take this piece of news with a grain of salt since this isn’t official. However, Square Enix’s track record with Epic Games Store seems consistent if we take the PC port of Kingdom Hearts 3 into account. Also, it’s already been a year since Final Fantasy VII Remake is out on PS4, so chances are this whole exclusivity deal with Square Enix is timed.

On a related note, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is out for PS5 right now. Check out our review of the DLC featuring the series’ loveable kleptomaniac. 

Author: Mr Toffee

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