Nintendo’s Upcoming Switch Hardware Update Will Be Announced “When The Time Is Right”

Nintendo of America’s president Doug Bowser has said in a Washington Post interview that fans can expect news of a Nintendo Switch hardware update “when the time is right”.

The company’s current message is clear: the console is doing great at the moment. The heavy rumours about a new Nintendo Switch model are pretty much quashed with this official statement from the current Nintendo of America boss.

“We are always looking at technology and how technology can enhance gameplay experiences. It’s not technology for technology’s sake.

It’s how specifically can technology enhance a gameplay experience. And then where do you apply that technology? Do you want to apply it on current existing hardware or platforms, or do you want to wait for the next platform? And then what’s the right gameplay experience with that? There’s a host of factors that goes into it, and it’s something we’re always looking at.”

As you can tell from Nintendo’s last E3 2021 press conference, the company is focused on its upcoming games like Metroid Dread and its Mario games.

“As we enter into our fifth year, Nintendo Switch really is redefining what a console life cycle can look like, and the vibrancy of that overall life cycle with a strong cadence of content.”

Long story short, you may not want to sell off your Nintendo Switch just yet for the sake of a newer model. Just be patient.

Author: Mr Toffee

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