Kingdom Ashin Of The North Trailer Teases Zombie Tiger

Netflix has released the main poster for Kingdom: Ashin of the North, a special episode of the Kingdom series. The special episode reveals the origins of the resurrection plant that triggered a tragic blood bath across Joseon and the woman abandoned by all — Ashin.

Young Ashin (Kim Si-a) discovers the powers of a strange plant that can bring a dead person back to life. Concerned about Ashin, her father warns against searching for it; however, the young girl was dissuaded given her mother’s serious illness. Ashin returns to the forest in search of a resurrection plant when she hears the echoes of screams.

Ashin wishes for “them to shed tears of blood”, foreshadowing an exciting tale of vengeance.

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Kim Sia plays the young Ashin, and Gianna Jun plays the older character in unfolding the backstory of the woman who appeared at the end of Kingdom Season 2 shrouded in mystery and subject to much conjecture. Park Byung-eun reprises his role as Min Chi-rok, a young man who encounters Ashin in the freezing cold northern regions.

His character later becomes the Head of the Royal Commandery Division who helps the Crown Prince Lee Chang fight against the conspiracy to seize the throne and the infected from overtaking the royal palace. Director Kim Seong-hun and writer Kim Eun-hee, the duo leading the Kingdom series, team up again for this special episode for fans around the world eagerly waiting for the tale of Ashin.

The epic story of Kingdom: Ashin of the North delves into the very origins of the resurrection plant and the infected that have turned Joseon into a bloodbath.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North unveils the mystery of Ashin and the epic origins of the resurrection plant on 23 July 2021, only on Netflix.

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