Overwatch Crossplay Beta Is Live, Along With A New Ashe Event

Good news, Overwatch fans. Blizzard’s shooter now has crossplay, at least for open beta. So now players on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo can group up and play together with no hassle.

What do you need to do? Nothing! Keep enjoying Overwatch and welcome your new console friends by grouping up and playing matches. That’s if you’re on PC. All Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo players need to activate crossplay is get ready a new Battle.net account and link your respective consoles. More instructions here.

To celebrate this glorious occasion of togetherness, Overwatch will feature a new Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge event, where players can get Ashe-and-Bob costume and skin rewards for playing Quick Play, Competitive, and Arcade. Here’s how:

  • Play 9 games – get the icon
  • Play 18 games – get the spray
  • Play 27 games – get what you really came for, the epic Deadlock Ashe skin

The event will run from now until 5th July. Have fun!

Author: Mr Toffee

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