Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Brings Back OG Map, Iconic Locations & New Heirloom For Revenant

The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event kicks off on 29 June 2021 and will run until 13 July 2021.

Players can conquer the classic Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps in Battle Royale or fight for glory on the Skull Town Arenas map. They can also earn free rewards throughout the event, or check out event-limited offer bundles, with 24 unique cosmetics paying homage to the history of Valkyrie and the other Legends.

If you collect them all, you can get your hands curled around Revenant’s new heirloom: “Dead Man’s Curve”.


Head back to where it all started with the Legacy Maps Apex Takeover. Season 0 Kings Canyon and Season 3 World’s Edge return for a limited time, taking over the normal Trios and Duos queues in 1-hour rotations.

Hot drop in Kings Canyon at Skull Town (we know you will) and Thunderdome. Grab that sweet loot on the moving train as it barrels through a pristine Capital City in the era before the Harvester landed in World’s Edge. Show your new Apex friends the terror of rotating through Bridges or the epic multi-team throwdowns in Fuel Depot.


This original Apex hot zone has seen a lot of combat through the years, but this is the first time we can say it hosts a fair fight. Circle the towers as Valkyrie & Pathfinder or trap up the bottom floors as Caustic & Wattson. This location offers a wide variety of tactics and plenty of mayhem.

Skull Town will be added to the Arenas rotation in one-hour increments during the Genesis Collection Event. Get in there and break some bones.


Everyone’s favourite spooky murder robot has a new toy. And good golly is it sharp.

After the Genesis Collection Event ends, the Revenant Heirloom will become available via heirloom crafting.

For more details and patch notes, head on over here.

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