The Chainsaw Man Anime Trailer Features Demon Action & A Chainsaw-Headed Protagonist


The first-ever teaser trailer for the Chainsaw Man anime, based out of the hit manga, is out now and is looking fresh.

The teaser starts out gentle with main character Denji and his associates enjoying some downtime, then cuts to a bunch of action scenes from the manga with the soundtrack gradually going haywire.

There’s no release date for the show though. Check out the dark fantasy and action bits below, animation courtesy of MAPPA:

Chainsaw Man is set in a world where devils are born from human fear. The show revolves around a man named Denji who somehow merges with his doglike chainsaw devil Pochita after making a pact, thus transforming into Chainsaw Man. He now works for a shady government devil-hunting body after being persuaded by the manipulative agent Makima. It’s quite a thrill ride, I’ll tell you that.

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