Master of Magic Remake Will Feature All 14 Wizards From The First Game

The 4X fantasy strategy game Master of Magic has a cult following because of its fun and time-killing strategy gameplay, so much so that a Polish indie developer is taking a stab at a remake of the 1994 classic. 

Developer MuHa Games posted its first developer diary detailing the remake, talking about what they’re changing and what they’re preserving. Long story short, they’re keeping everything, and are changing the squares on the map into hexes. Also, the usual quality of life improvements like customizable difficulty options and auto-resolve for tactical combat is added.

“Our design philosophy is to attempt to recreate the mechanics and gameplay of MoM as faithfully as we can”.

Here’s the list:

  • All of the wizards will make a return in MoM (Most however, got a strong makeover from our wonderful artist.So while we hope you will still recognise your favourites, they did change in the thirty years…)
  • All of the champions and heroes are coming back(As with the wizards, although perhaps less drastically, many of the heroes got a facelift. But they are all back with their own 2D art and 3D model and even a little back story for those who will bother reading it somewhere…)
  • All of the races and their units (Given a new lease of artistic life, but kept their core skills and attributes. Of course tweaks may be necessary once we get to balancing, but for now, we are painstakingly recreating them all)
  • All of the spells and skills (As with everything else, we are recreating them as best we can for now, then we may need to tweak them later.)
  • All traits (formerly known as retorts)
  • All basic events, and possibly some additional ones (with the option to turn them off as it was in the original)
  • Arcanus and Myrror as playable planes
  • All building types
  • Mana management system (so you will  be able to distribute your power to go into research/casting skill/mana points)
  • Strategy vs tactical map – battles will take place on a tactical map, like in the original
  • Familiars – they’re back, and we have an extra one for those who choose mixed magic books

The Master of Magic remake will be out in 2022 for Steam.

Author: Mr Toffee

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