[Rumour] Legacy of Kain Remaster To Be Announced This 2021

Before Marvel’s Avengers and Tomb Raider games, Crystal Dynamics is known for a classic action-adventure dark fantasy series: the Legacy of Kain titles. More specifically, the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver titles.

There’s a bit of rumour going about that a remaster of the first Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver game might be announced for 2021. According to Shpeshal Nick from Xbox Era podcast, this rumour is from the same source that talked about a reboot to id Software’s Quake franchise. Apart from that, nothing else.

Since this announcement will be made on a major games show, the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver remaster will either be revealed on Gamescom or The Game Awards. Fingers crossed, though take it with a grain of salt.

Back in 2016, a multiplayer vampire game called Nosgoth was announced and was based on the Legacy of Kain universe, though it was cancelled. There’s also some news about the cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun game from Climax Studios. Since then, nothing. So this bit of remastering news should be something long-time fans can hope for. But will there be a follow-up to Legacy of Kain: Defiance? Well, we’ll have to find out what Amy Hennig is up to, since she got her start with the first Soul Reaver game.

Author: Mr Toffee

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