Uncapped Games Is A New RTS-Making Studio Led By Blizzard Veterans

Tencent subsidiary Lightspeed & Quantum Studios has announced the founding of a new studio led by renowned Blizzard veterans: Uncapped Games.

Uncapped Games is run by Blizzard veterans, lead designer David Kim and lead producer Jason Hughes, with the company focused on making “action-packed real-time strategy games” for PC. Its first-ever project will be revealed at a later date.

The California-based company is now hiring, and will focus on building an “industry-leading pool of talent that bring unique perspectives and skillsets to develop games at the studio” as well as “committed to creating an environment that is focused deeply on great game making, while at the same time being a value-driven place to work that puts what’s good for the game above any decisions based on ego”. Sounds like the founders have had their fair share of issues with their previous employers based on this press release blurb.

Here’s what Jason Hughes has to say about the company and its goals:

“One of our main priorities with Uncapped Games is to empower great game developers to enjoy what they do best and foster an environment that lends itself to developing amazing games.”

David Kim also adds in further on why Uncapped Games was founded:

“Making the next great PC real-time strategy has been my goal for almost a decade now, and Lightspeed and Quantum is giving us an awesome shot at making that. Putting together a team of great developers with lots of experience and being backed by the right people who also believe in real-time strategy as much as we do, is our first big step in getting there.”

Author: Mr Toffee

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