[Rumour] Dead Space Might Be Revived; To Be Announced This July

[Update 2nd July: added new info about EA Motive’s involvement]

Fans who missed the spooky sci-fi adventures of Isaac Clarke may want to pay attention to this latest rumour mill.

EA will announce a Dead Space revival-slash-reimagining during its July EA Play Live digital event, according to a VGC article (via GamesBeat), which is followed up by claims from Eurogamer. The revival will be developed by EA’s Motive studio, which also developed last year’s Star Wars: Squadrons.

According to Venturebeat, EA Motive will be rebooting the franchise just like how Capcom made the Resident Evil 2 reboot. Motive is taking notes from Capcom’s recent RE remakes. The reboot will be using the original Dead Space as a strong foundation and upping the visual quality while introducing new gameplay mechanics inspired by the other Dead Space entries. It also helps that EA has warmed up to single-player games after experiencing the success of the EA-published Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

We’ll have to wait until July until these rumours are confirmed or debunked. In any case, it’s high time the sci-fi survival horror series gets another lease in life. The Dead Space series launched back in late 2008 to much acclaim, until it was done dirty with the release of Dead Space 3 back in early 2013.

You can play all three of the games on PS3, Xbox 360 (or Xbox Game Pass), and PC. We suggest you just play the first two and pretend the third one didn’t exist.

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