Doom Eternal Delays Invasion Mode Development For Single-Player Horde Mode This Year

Sad news, Doom Eternal fans. Id Software will not be able to release the much-touted Invasion Mode for the first-person shooter this year. Instead, the team will be releasing a brand-new single-player Horde Mode.

Basically, it’s a single-player mode where you kill waves of enemies and possibly get powered up to survive the ongoing waves. The team will also be refreshing Battle Mode with a more competitive rank-based structure, a number of gameplay and balance updates, and a new map. The reason Invasion Mode is taking a while to come out is due to the unforeseen consequences of the pandemic and remote working that’s impacting the progress of the mode’s development. Understandable, of course, which is why it’s nice players are getting a free mode this year.

Full update details below. Also, if you haven’t played Doom Eternal, you should; it’s one of 2020’s best FPSs in a long while:

Author: Mr Toffee

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