[Rumour] PES 2022 To Go Full-On Free To Play Later In 2021

Konami might be getting out of its current rut with this piece of news, assuming it’s even real.

The upcoming football game PES 2022 will be going free-to-play later this year in an effort to shake things up. According to sources close to VGC, the outlet said that “Konami are flickering to life” and are set to bring change to the legacy football series. Making the game properly go free-to-play seems to be the path they’re going towards.

The fact that Konami announced an online playtest for a Konami football game -obviously PES 2022- means that they’re trying new things before making this announcement official. It’s also worth noting that the company experimented with last year’s entry which was a title update than a brand new game. Perhaps some other folks who make premium football games can learn a thing or two, assuming this rumour comes true.

Author: Mr Toffee

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