VTuber Gawr Gura Is Now The Most-Subscribed Game Streamer On YouTube

The current winner of the most-subscribed VTuber on YouTube has been replaced.

Kizuna A.I, who has 2.97 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, has been dethroned by Hololive EN shark queen Gawr Gura. She has 3 million subscribers. Kizuna A.I. is a pioneer in the VTuber field, so this is obviously no small feat for both these virtual ladies of gaming.

Both these characters have done it all: video game livestreams, movie livestreams, karaoke, music videos, interviews, free talk. Both of them garner loads of viewership due to their fun-loving nature and their brand-happy content. Plus, the recent Gawr Gura original song may have a lot to do with her subscriber count skyrocketing to 3 million.

On a related note, Hololive VTuber and Gawr Gura’s colleague Takanashi Kiara has scored a brand ambassador gig for the upcoming Bandai Namco RPG Tales of Arise. That game is coming out on 9th September, though her brand campaigning starts 5th July. In sadder news, Kiryu Coco retired from Hololive recently.

Author: Mr Toffee

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