Why World of Warcraft Fans Are Not Happy With The Latest Raid’s Ending

As if people needed to find more reasons to rag on Blizzard and its current handling of its online MMORPG World of Warcraft, here’s another one.

The company published the finale cinematic to its 9.1 Raid, and people have negative opinions about it.

Basically, WoW character Sylvannas who recently turned evil, saw the error of her ways, and attempts to attack the Jailer who transforms into a super-armoured bad guy. She got brushed aside, but not before gaining blue eyes and her soul back.

Basically, the writers of the game are taking a page from Starcraft’s Kerrigan redemption arc and putting it in the WoW context. Needless to say, the reveal has been a subject of ridicule among longtime WoW fans and lorehounds.

At this point in time, the finale cinematic has received just 2.6k likes and 5.6k dislikes. Highlighted comments include Sylvanas being “written like an edgy 14 year old’s D&D character” and “getting the Kerrigan treatment”.

We’re not sure if Blizzard is currently going to make amends for making people wait 8 months for a conclusion that many fans saw was coming. To the company’s credit, the art team did a bang-up job with the actual animation.

Author: Mr Toffee

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