Kingdom Ashin Of The North Gets Chilling New Poster

It’s a bloodthirsty morning with the reveal of the second poster for Kingdom Ashin Of The North, a special episode from the Kingdom series. The 92-minute special episode will tell the story of Ashin and the resurrection plant that led to Joseon’s great tragedy.

The new poster gives off an imminent sense of danger as we see Ashin on top of a roof ablaze in flames. Ashin draws her bow back in order to fend off the bloodthirsty zombies below her. Despite the threatening situation, Ashin appears calm and expressionless, adding to curiosity about the perilous circumstances.

Check out the new poster below:

Special episode Kingdom Ashin Of The North takes place in the north prior to the beginning of the plague which spreads from the southern region of Dongnae all the way to Hanyang, expanding upon the Kingdom universe. The special episode will include Head of the Royal Commandery Min Chi-rok who received a lot of love from the second season as well as new characters like Pajeowi tribe leader Aidagan and Seongjeoyain village head Tahab who is Ashin’s father.

The 92-minute special episode will tell the origin story of the resurrection plant and serves as a present to those who have been eagerly waiting for a new story from the popular series. Kingdom Ashin Of The North will further serve as a strong foundation for the K-zombie craze.

Look forward to Ashin’s story of revenge when Kingdom Ashin Of The North premieres on 23 July 2021 on Netflix.

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