Lost Judgment Might Be The Last Entry In Series

Japanese site Nikkan Taishu reported that the sequel to action-adventure title Judgment, Lost Judgment, might be the last game in the series.

Why stop while the iron is still hot though? This is due to behind-the-scenes disagreements between Sega and the talent agency of actor Takuya Kimura, who voices and portrays the game’s main character Takayuki Yagami. Sega wants to publish a PC Steam version of the game after much demand from the public. The agency, Johnny’s, does not want that. This is in spite of there being a PC port of the first Judgment.

The talent agency has strict policies in place and will not okay the release of the game on PC, despite Sega arguing that a PC port is vital from a business point of view. Johnny’s believe that releasing a game online through a PC platform could be problematic for their business model. The talent agency is known to be internet shy, going so far as to refuse photos of its talents from press conferences to be published online. The agency also kept all of its artists from using social media.

With Takuya Kimura being one of the agency’s biggest stars, having him appear on an open platform like the PC means that the agency is giving up control over its star in a sense.

That’s a shame, because Kimura is a gamer himself and really loves the role of his character in Judgment. Let’s hope this gets resolved because this game series is definitely showing some legs and longevity.

Author: Mr Toffee

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