Respawn Only Has “One Or Two” Staff Working On Titanfall’s Security Issues

The original Titanfall has been unplayable for a while thanks to hackers taking advantage of the game’s security vulnerabilities, with Titanfall 2 following suit. This led to some Titanfall fans hacking Apex Legends in an attempt to draw attention to the matter.

Respawn community coordinator Jason Garza answered a number of questions involving Titanfall and Apex Legends during a livestream (via MP1st). When asked if the Titanfall community is at its wit’s end, he said that the community isn’t abandoned and that the team is working on the vulnerability issues.

“Because now it’s a different type of game with these people who DDOS and stuff like that, and blacklist and things like that, so we can’t telegraph our moves, we can’t say what we’re doing. All I can say is we’re working on it.”

The catch? There are only one or two people working on Titanfall’s online issues, simply because everybody else is on Apex Legends. This is probably not going to excite the community, but they have to understand that Apex Legends is a major reason the company is still around. Priority has to be given to the recent game that’s being played by about 10 million people. Daily.

Though to be fair, maybe a couple more experts should be on top of this. Full morning tea livestream below.


Author: Mr Toffee

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