This Popular Streamer Will Be A Playable Character In Oft-Memed F2P Game

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, you’ve probably come across a certain free-to-play mobile game called Raid Shadow Legends. It’s one of the most meme-fied games out there, due to its aggressive online promotion, where the game can seemingly be mentioned anywhere and everywhere.

According to PC Gamer, popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins will be joining Raid Shadow Legends as a playable character on 16 July 2021. Yeah, that’s going to be a real thing, and this isn’t even the first time that Ninja will be appearing in a game (cough Fortnite cough).

In a statement, Ninja said:

“I’m really excited to introduce Raid fans to my Champion, which was designed to match how I’ve always pictured myself in an RPG.

As my fans know, I love the RPG genre, and to see myself as a fantasy character with my own set of special skills and attributes is awesome!”

Ninja himself will reveal more details about his in-game character, including unique special abilities and more during a Twitch live stream on 19 July 2021. Ninja’s character will be free for all players in Raid Shadow Legends, but only for three months. After that period of time, he will no longer be redeemable, but those who did claim will have access to him forever.

Check out what Ninja’s character looks like in Raid Shadow Legends below:

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