Guilty Gear Strive Season Pass 1’s First Character Is A Coffin-Wielding Heavy Of Absolute Defense

Arc System Works just announced its first new character in its Season 1 Pass. It’s none other than the giant secretary of absolute defense Goldlewis Dickinson.

He seems like a new heavy grappler archetype in the veins of Potemkin, but with far-reaching footsie moves including his coffin-swinging heavy moves and orbital laser-summoning via his red eye. His buddy in the coffin, obviously an alien, can launch projectiles and perform an uppercut Dust attack.

He will be available for download via Season Pass 1 on 27 July.

Check out his official description below:

Goldlewis is the first-ever Secretary of Defense in the history of the United States who is also an active-duty military officer.

With his excellent judgment and ability to lead based on his extensive combat experience, he has garnered immense popularity and earned the trust of those around him.

His personal combat prowess is said to be equivalent to the entire White House Security Force, and it is no exaggeration to say that the security and authority of the United States are established due to his presence, making him the mainstay of the nation.

Arc System Works also announces the release dates for the rest of the Season 1 Pass characters. They will be out in August 2021, sometime in 2021, and early 2022. We’re guessing two of those slots will be reserved for Happy Chaos and Asuka (That Man) if the datamine turned out to be true.

The Season 1 Pass will also feature 2 additional battle stages, a GGST Additional Color Pack, and Another Story scenario.

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