Genshin Impact Inazuma Guide: How To Get Your Feudal Japan On


This guide will be updated periodically with more Inazuma tidbits.

Genshin Impact’s 2.0 update is out, which mean players can check out the game’s newest continent: Inazuma. The continent is basically filled with ancient Japan tropes & architecture: ronin, fox guardians, shrines, what-have-yous.

Here’s a guide on the ins and outs of Inazuma, once you’re done with the terrible 30-minute long intro quest involving taxes and customs of a fictional place.

How To Access Inazuma

Once you’re done, talk to Katheryne in Liyue Harbor. You’ll initiate the quest to head to Inazuma.

Inazuma Map

Sakura Bloom Locations Guide

Throughout Inazuma, you’ll find special red/pink glowy spots. These are Sakura Blooms, a new resource that will help ascend Inazuma heroes like Ayaka. To collect them, activate an Electro skill or charged attack onto the glowy parts via an Electro hero’s skill (like Razor, Fischl, and Keqing). You can then collect the Bloom afterwards.

Here are the locations of the Sakura Blooms (via PC Gamer). Protip: you will find five of them easily at the giant Sacred Sakura tree in the Grand Narukami Shrine (ie: the first time you meet Yae Miko in the story).

Sacred Sakura Favor Guide

To level up the Sacred Sakura, you need Electro Sigils which you can find in treasure chests, bounties, and quest rewards. Why do this? Because if you level up a favor, you get rewards and perks.

You may want to unlock these perks to power up your Electrograna ability: this allows you to pass through Thunder Barriers and use the grapple to reach higher places. It’s available as soon as you set foot in Inazuma, but you’ll want to buff it further to collect obscurely-placed Electroculi.

Here are the perks you can get by leveling up your Sacred Sakura Favors.

Perk Number Perk Effect
1 Electrograna The Electrograna orbs let you pass through or use Thunder Barriers/Thunder Spheres.
2 Eternal Current Electrograna will recharge the energy of Electro characters if their meter is below 50%.
3 Continuation 1 Electrograna duration increased to 20 seconds.
4 Coordinated Attack: Stormlight Electrograna cast lightning bolts every 6 seconds when Electro characters damage opponents.
5 Negation II Electrograna can block 8 instances of damage from Inazuma’s environmental hazards.
6 Barrier Breaker II Characters carrying Electrograna can pass through intermediate-level Thunder Barriers.
7 Coordinated Attack: Stormwind Coordinated attack/lightning bolts have lower cooldown (4 seconds).
8 Continuation II Electrograna duration increased to 25 seconds.
9 Coordinated Attack: Tempest Each Electro character in the party will increase the damage of coordinated attacks by 20%.
10 Coordinated Attack: Stormfall Every 3 coordinated attacks cause a lightning blast AoE.
11 Negation III Electrograna can block 10 instances of damage from Inazuma’s environmental hazards.
12 Barrier Break III Characters carrying Electrograna can pass through advanced-level Thunder Barriers.
13 Coordinated Attack: Resonant Storm Each Electro character in the party will increase the damage of lightning blasts by 30%.
14 Continuation III Electrograna duration increased to 30 seconds.
15 Coordinated Attack: Stormtrigger The number of coordinated attacks required to proc the Electrograna lightning blast is reduced to 2.


How To Get Special Nobushi Handguard Items

The Nobushi enemies in Inazuma drop Handguard-series items, which are needed for Inazuma character ascension and talent upgrades. These enemies spawn all over, though they can be consistently found near Mount Yougou, which is north of the Grand Narukami Shrine.

Inazuma Electroculus Location (via

Most of these can be found by climbing atop the highest spots and then grabbing them on sight. Others are hidden behind Electro barriers; you need to collect special Electrogranas scattered nearby to pass through them. We’ll be sure to update this list as time goes by; some of them require you to complete either Inazuma side missions or obscure puzzles.

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