The Tokyo Olympics 2020 Opening Ceremony Is Playing Video Game Tunes [Update]

Update: added in videos of the opening ceremony with the orchestra music playing in the background.

How far have we come when it comes to video game tunes, eh?

To celebrate Japan’s culture and heritage during the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Opening Ceremony, the orchestra in charge will play classic and iconic video game tunes as the teams from all over the world come down.

Songs include classic themes from Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, and Monster Hunter, among many, many classic franchises. As someone who makes SoundScape video game music features, this brings a tear to my eye.

The tracklist is below (via Nikkan Sports):

◆ Dragon Quest – “Intro”

◆ Final Fantasy – “Victory Fanfare”

◆ Tales of Series – “Sorey’s Theme: The Sheperd”

◆ Monster Hunter – “Proof of Hero”

◆ Kingdom Hearts – “Olympus Coliseum”

◆ Chrono Trigger – “Frog Theme”

◆ Ace Combat – “First Flight”

◆ Tales of Series – “Royal Capital-Dignified”

◆ Monster Hunter – “Wind of Departure”

◆ Chrono Trigger – “Robo’s Theme”

◆ Sonic the Hedgehog – “Star Light Zone”

◆ Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer) – “eFootball walk-on theme”

◆ Final Fantasy – “MAIN THEME”

◆ Phantasy Star Universe – “Guardians”

◆ Kingdom Hearts “Hero’s Fanfare”

◆ Gradius (Nemesis) – “01 ACT 1-1”

◆ NieR – “Song of the Ancients ~ Fate ”

◆ SaGa Series – “The Minstrel’s Refrain: SaGa Series 2016 Medley”

◆ Soul Calibur -“The Brave New Stage of History”

Check it out in action below in video form.

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