This Chinese Movie About PUBG-Like Battle Royale Esports Gaming Looks Insane

Video game movies and series are a dime a dozen these days: see Netflix for proof of that. But what about a movie about video game esports shenanigans and the popular multiplayer battle royale shooter genre?

Enter the Chinese movie Biubiubiu, which is marketed as the first-ever esports battle royale film (via ZhugeEX). The film is about a game streamer out of his luck who wants to form an esports team with old friends for a major esports competition. The game? A battle royale shooter, of course, played on mobile phones.

Thankfully we won’t be seeing people on their phones intensely playing the game half the time. The actual shooting and gameplay will all be done in live-action explosive glory, gunfire and all. And the main character who’s forming the group has his own custody battle to deal with, so there’s a bit of human drama in-between the esports and the exaggerated action. Check out the trailer below.


The poster below may be based on one of the many PUBG clones in China; the main character with the helmet sure looks a mite familiar. Biubiubiu will be out on 9th August for Youku, a film streaming service in China. There’s no word on whether this will be out in other parts of Asia though.

Author: Mr Toffee

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