Halo Infinite Features The Option To Drop Weapons

During the Halo Infinite technical preview showcase, we not only get to see a full Halo Infinite match, but also a series’ first: the ability to drop your current weapon on the fly.

The folks at 343 Industries has added a “drop weapon” button and also a number of PC settings like key bindings and graphics options like an FOV slider and disabling speed lines when you’re sprinting. Here’s a quote from live operations producer Sam Hanshaw:

“It’s been quite fun to use, especially when you’re playing with some less experienced players, you can secure rockets for them and hand it over to them and they get to play around with a power weapon they might not normally have gotten.”

Community director Brian Jarrard also said the following:

“Dare we say this is maybe the end of betraying your teammates to take sniper? Possibly?”

Is there a practical application to dropping your weapon? Perhaps, as it can remove limitations like dropping your current weapon for an immediate one. So if you don’t want to get stuck with that shotgun, or if there’s no one to swap weapons with, just drop that shottie and take the sniper rifle next to you.

Halo Infinite will be out this Holiday 2021 for Xbox consoles and PC.

Author: Mr Toffee

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