Here’s A Deeper Look At Stray, A Game About A Cat Stuck In A Robot City

Last year, we got a tiny glimpse at Stray, a game featuring a cat in what seems to be a robot-filled metropolis. Recently on Annapurna Interactive’s online showcase, we got a closer look at that strange concept.

The new Stray video showcases the game’s mechanic and its genre: an adventure game. You obviously play a cat who is injured and separated from your family. You navigate the cat through the city, solving puzzles and discovering the city’s mysteries as you go. Your cat starts out defenseless, but you’ll make friends with the robot denizens and get equipment to help navigate the world better.

“Running fast, jumping, and using stealth to avoid dangers will all be vital if you want to escape the city and be reunited with your family.”

It also helps that your cat with eventually get a purple death ray thing to kill mutant bugs hounding your robot pals. Stray will be out in early 2022 for PlayStation and PC; you can wishlist the game right now.

Check out the gameplay below.

Author: Mr Toffee

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