Guilty Gear Strive Will Finally Get Balance Changes This August

Guilty Gear Strive fans who are complaining about the current meta and main character privilege; Arc System Works has got you covered.

The developers will be making battle adjustments and balance updates to Guilty Gear Strive during the latter half of August. This will be one step of a two-part update, with the other update scheduled for October.

The balance update will consider changes to damage output and minor adjustments to the properties of “overwhelmingly powerful characters and moves”. Translation: the team may need to tone down certain characters like Ramlethal, May, and Sol Badguy.

The team will also address “unintended issues with the game separate from the schedule listed”. These include bug fixes that impact Zato’s Eddie movements, and game crashes when certain moves clash under specific conditions. It makes sense to not touch the game’s balancing right now, since a major fighting game tournament involving Guilty Gear Strive is underway this month.

Personally, I’d rather the team follow the game design principle of buffing everyone else who isn’t Sol, May, and Ramlethal, instead of a balance between nerfing and buffing. It worked for fighting games like Street Fighter 5 post Season 2; I’m sure it’ll work for Guilty Gear Strive.

Author: Mr Toffee

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