Blazing Strike Looks Like A Phenomenal Throwback To 2D Fighting Games

With major 2D fighting games going 3D aesthetics-wise, it’s good to know some smaller teams are still keeping it real with pixel art. Aksys-published fighting game Blazing Strike is one such title.

Developer Rare Breed Makes Games just revealed the first look of its 2D fighting game Blazing Strike, features lovely 2D pixel art and a “unique games system with modern mechanics”. All I’m seeing is some lovely fisticuff action playing on scanlines, a pretty solid roster of 14 characters with funky movesets (so far), and a trailer soundtrack that’s reminiscent of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike’s musical beats. And that’s A-OK in my book.

Blazing Strike will be out in 2022 for “various platforms”. Check out the trailer below. I’ll probably be maining Alexander or the unnamed zoner with the mirror mask.



Author: Mr Toffee

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