Borderlands 3 Guide: How To Farm XP Fast For Vault Cards

Borderlands 3’s second Vault Card, Welcome To Pandora, is out right now. And with that comes new opportunities for XP (experience points) farming to win rewards from said card. Keys to unlock exclusive weapons, skins, headgear, you name it.

Here’s a quick guide on how to farm XP really fast for Vault Cards (via Moxsy).

How To Farm 10,000 XP Per Minute For Vault Cards

1) Set Difficulty To True Vault Hunter Mode, Then Turn Off Mayhem Levels

For some reason, XP from boss kills in True Vault Hunter Mode are higher than XP you get in Mayhem levels 10 and 11. Here’s a comparison of XP when killing DLC3’s Ruiner boss (via Moxsy).

M0- 1767
M1- 1696
M2- 1484
M3- 1555
M4- 1590
M5- 1617
M6- 1691
M7- 1739
M8- 1562
M9- 1633
M10- 1749

To make your farming painless and easy, just turn off Mayhem Mode so that you can kill bosses with just a few shots of whatever you’ve been using for M10 and M11.

2) Equip The Moxxi’s Endowment Artifact

This artifact will add +14% combat XP, which helps with the Vault Card XP farm. Get this artifact from the Tink Train in Guts of Carnivora. The artifact is also a world drop, so if you’re incredibly lucky, you may get it from a random high-level badass enemy.

3) Fight The Following Bosses/Mob Areas

Speaking of Ruiner, that’s the boss you will want to farm since (a) it’s the fastest to get to when you quit and load from the spawn point just before the boss fight. And (b) it offers the highest possible XP in Mayhem 0.

Here’s the suggested list of bosses and mob areas to farm XP for.

Fast Boss Farms

  1. Ruiner (DLC3)
  2. Benedict (DLC4)
  3. Wendigo (DLC2)

Mob Areas

  1. Scraptraps (DLC1)
  2. Slaughtershaft (base game)

The Mob Areas are for players who don’t want to deal with loading screens. It’s really up to you if you want to farm bosses or mobs for XP.

4) Quit To Title, Then Reload The Save, Rinse & Repeat

Once you’ve killed the boss, just quit to the title, then reload the save and kill the boss again. Repeat until you’re tired of levelling up your Vault Card to incredulous heights. That’s it; easy peasy, right?

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