Is There Going To Be A Xenoblade Chronicles 3 On The Horizon?

Xenoblade Chronicles voice actress Jenna Coleman may have suggested that there will be a new Xenoblade Chronicles game in the works.

During a video call with a fan back in June (via VGC), she made a comment alluding to there being a third game. When asked how she secured her role as Melia in the Nintendo RPG, she said:

“It was through my voiceover agent and I did it… god, when was the first game? Ten years ago? It was a long time ago. I did it pre-Doctor Who days and then when they did the second one, they asked me to come back.”

And then she said the following:

“And I think they’re going to do another [pause]. Common knowledge? Don’t know… Yeah I think they’re going to do another… Not sure if I’m allowed to say that.”

Turns out that sources close to Fanbyte are saying the sequel is indeed happening. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was set to be revealed earlier this year, and may be announced before 2021 ends. However, pandemic issues and development are preventing this from happening. The game will aim to have more character models on-screen than any previous title.

On a related note, Xenoblade developer Monolith Soft has been hiring a lot of developers as of late, with a new Tokyo studio that opened back in 2019. Altogether, the company has over 300 people working on a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and other games in its catalogue. Perhaps a Xenoblade X Chronicles remaster for the Switch? Here’s hoping!


Author: Mr Toffee

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